Cloud Care Medicine

We are a Primary Care Group that strives towards excellence in all that we do. We are proud to be a trusted healthcare community where everyone can achieve and maintain their health and well-being goals.




Family Medicine


We are devoted to the comprehensive health care for people of all ages.

Monthly Visits


Ensuring routinely complete check-ups with a physical exam, blood and urine tests to make sure you are healthy.

Transitional Care

We conduct post-discharge care to support health and function as your loved one recovers after a hospital admission.



We perform a general examination of the body that covers most of the basic systems of the body, including the heart, lungs, gut, and nervous systems.



Due to COVID-19, we now offer the exchange of medical information from one location to another using electronic communication.

Specialist Referrals


We will write an order for you to see a specialist for a specific medical service to ensure you see the correct provider for the correct problems.

Medication Management


We provide a high level of outpatient treatment that involves the initial evaluation of your needs for psychotropic medications, the provision of a prescription, and ongoing medical monitoring.




1222 10th St​

Saint Cloud, FL 34769

Tel:  (407) 593-0323


9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday - Friday



Saturday - Sunday




Cloud Care Medicine is a primary care medical group that strives for excellence in everything we do. We have a commitment to community with the mission to provide outstanding comprehensive medical care. We focus on maintaining excellent communication and collaboration with our patients, their families, and the community in order to provide and maintain excellent quality and continuum of care.

We are a trusted healthcare community where everyone can achieve and maintain their health and well-being goals. Our doctors and Nurse Practitioners have extensive training and experience in different specialties, able to cater to the needs of anyone requiring medical assistance, regardless of race, ethnic, or socio-economic backgrounds. 

As a Primary Care Medical Group, we strive towards excellence in all that we do. We provide physicals, annual wellness visits, medication management services, referrals, laboratory orders, medical equipment orders, and more. We also offer our services remotely to private residences, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities. Our goal is to not only manage your health, but to provide excellent service and communication.


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